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And thank you for checking us out.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stuart Fraser and I work with my fellow director Bob Slone.

Stuart Fraser

Bob Slone

As you can see from our photographs, we are both getting on a bit, which is not surprising when you consider we have both been in the car leasing business for nearly 40 years.

We have worked together at Avail for nearly 25 of those years and between us have supplied literally thousands of cars.

Leasing is a very personal business, the car that you drive says more about you than anything else, your car is part of you, you expect, if not hope that it will not let you down. You want to enjoy it and you want it to keep you safe.

Choosing the right person to help you start that journey is also important, which is where I hope we can help you.

As you can see by the way we have structured our website, we believe its all about choice. There are a great many parts to the decision making process, yes cost is one of them, but the continued relationship with your supplier is equally as important.

When you call the office, you will get to speak to either Bob or myself, we do the work and we own the problems. Please use the calculator and comparison guide to at least get an idea of what is right for you, then please call us and let us try and help you.

We have a wealth of experience, we understand how leasing works, we don’t want to just “do a deal”, we want to help you lease the car that you want, at a rate that you feel is good value for money.

We want to make sure that when its delivered you are excited, and that we don’t let you down, because we want our relationship to continue way beyond the initial delivery.

We have all the usual management software systems in place and will be pleased to show you how they work, but to start, please email or call us, and let us try and help.

Thanks again.



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