The plucky little hatchback from Ford has sat at the top of Britain’s best selling car lists for the last few years now. Quarter after quarter, holding its own against everything else to maintain the spot at the top of the leader board.

Last year it managed to surpass its older brother, the Ford Escort to become the country’s best selling car EVER! Yes, you heard that right, ever! The Fiesta is now in its seventh generation, having been with us in one guise or another for the last thirty seven years! Last year, the Ford Fiesta surpassed 4 million …


With the ever increasing cost of fuel it’s no wonder people are looking for tips to help them be more fuel efficient. Anything that makes the engine work harder uses more fuel thus costing you more money.

By following a few points the average motorist could save on average £200-£300 a year! I’m sure you will agree this post is worth a few minutes of your time, imagine what you could do with all that extra money…?

Alter Your Driving style:

Drive Smoothly – Think ahead all the time planning to avoid unnecessary acceleration and/or braking. If your coming up …

BMW 3 Series
Volvo S60
Merc C Class
Jaguar XE

BMW’s new 3 series roars into first place for the lowest monthly rental and whole of life costs. It’s nearest rival the Volvo S60 is starting to struggle, and Mercedes and Jaguar somehow have lost their way. Maybe it’s something to do with the extra terms being offered, we will see next month if the new Mercedes has taken its crown.

Top 4 Best Sellers

Medium SUV Comparison – Sept 2015
Citroen C4 Cactus
Vauxhall Mokka
Nissan Qashqai
Peugeot 3008

What the graphs below are telling us is that the Citroen has the lowest rental and overall is the cheapest to run, but the Vauxhall is better value when you compare its value to running costs. Our experience is proving however that we have supplied more Nissans. Peugeot unfortunately is struggling.

Are you off to Uni soon and are thinking about a car?

Here’s a great idea.

Why not share the cost with your Mum, Dad, Sister, Grand Parents, Brother, or maybe even your uni mates….?…

Breaking down can be an extremely stressful experience in itself, so breaking down on the motorway will undoubtedly increase those stress levels ten-fold. According to figures from the RAC, there are around 19548 breakdowns on the M1 alone each year. Add in all the other motorways in the country and its clear that motorway breakdowns are not an uncommon experience. The SMMT say 10% of all accidents on motorways are caused by mechanical failure, the other 90% are a result of human error. With such fast moving traffic in heavy volumes, a motorway breakdown can be a scary experience. If …

Britain has a love affair with the Supermini; the Ford Fiesta regularly bags the top spot as Britain’s best selling car, with the Vauxhall Corsa, VW Polo and Mini all also in the 2015 top 10 best selling cars list. What makes this class so exciting? Cheeky styling, clever use of space and fantastic fuel economy, of course!

These cars are perfect for driving about town; agile and easy to park whilst being capable enough to handle motorway journeys when required. For anyone that that doesn’t commute daily or have a large family, these cars are more than sufficient. In …

With the summer holidays well under way, many of us will be planning on at least one long distance car journey with our children. While the little ones may love the idea of a fun day trip or vacation, the reality of the car journey will be far from exciting. Those 5 little words, ‘are we nearly there yet?’ will undoubtedly be haunting you just half an hour into the journey, as the mixture of excitement and boredom gets too much for them.

Moaning won’t be the only thing to consider before setting off on your journey, though. Ensuring you are prepared will help you to …

Going abroad this year?

How safe is your holiday destination?

If you thought that being a pedestrian or driving in this country was bad enough check out what it’s like in other countries.

In fact the problem got bad enough that it prompted the Foreign Office to start a campaign

The UK Foreign Office website states that,

“The campaign has been developed in response to Foreign Office staff based overseas reporting a high number of road traffic incidents affecting British tourists and expats in popular destinations, such as Thailand, Australia and Spain”

With that in mind we created the widget below to help you compare your holiday destination to the

Step 1 : Interactive Birds Eye View

Use our interactive charts below to see with just a glance how the vehicles compare against each other across monthly rental, fuel costs tax costs and whole of life score.

Select as many or as few cars as you wish using the checkboxes below the charts.

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