Business Car Leasing FAQ

Q. Who are Avail?

Avail are an independent leasing distributor, we arrange car and van leasing for businesses and private individuals.

Q. How long have you been in business?

We originally started as a partnership way back in 1993, and went limited in 2008

Q. Which Leasing Companies do you use?

We arrange leasing with Lex Autolease, Arval, Europcar, and all the major car manufacturers

Q. Do you charge a management fee?


Q. How do you source your cars?

We only source our vehicles from franchised distributors, we do not use intermediaries

Q. What sort of leasing can you offer?

We can arrange Business and Personal leasing with or without maintenance

Q. Do I have to run a fleet to deal with you?

No we are happy to help anyone who is credit worthy

Q. Do you offer maintenance contracts?

Yes, in fact over 75% of our contacts have a maintenance element included

Q. Do you offer any management support software?

Yes, we are very proud of our own web based management software, it is badged as “Manage My cars”, we provide it free of charge to our clients.

Q. Can you arrange hire cars?

Yes we can arrange both long and short term car and van hire, it is badged and we can supply from 1 to 100 + days

Q. If I have a problem will you help me or will I have to fight my own battles?

We will do all that we can to help you. This is one of the things that makes us different from other distributors. Our philosophy is that our relationship starts the day we deliver the car. We enter your details on our management system “Manage My Cars” this will enable us to track everything that happens to it and your driver. If you ever have a problem whether it’s with the car or the leasing company, we will not let you down.

Q. How many clients would you say renew with you?

Its a good question, we have probably the highest retention rate in the industry. We renew about 65% of our leases, some clients have been with us from the start

Q. How competitive would you say you were?

Another good question, we try to be as competitive as possible. Having been in business this long we must be doing something right. We will always offer the most competitive rental we can find, and we will always offer any special offers we can find.

Q. They say that all leasing contracts are the same is that right?

When it comes down to it, yes they are. They will vary slightly in terms of flexibility and maintenance cover, but car leasing is now well and truly part of the landscape. What you have to be careful of is whether you are buying a car on lease, or you are buying a lease to run a car. That might sound the same, but if you use the manufacturers leasing like BMW, Mercedes, VW then they use leasing to sell their cars. Nothing wrong with their contract, maybe not as flexible as the leasing companies but if you have a problem 6 months after its been delivered you are really on your own, you can go back to the dealer who arranged it, but his job is to find the next customer and your relationship won’t have much priority in his busy working day. So you will have to call the manufacturer’s leasing company direct The car leasing companies Lex and the like, make their income by lending money. The up side is that the car is their asset and they want it looking after, so they will look after you and your car, because they want it back in good condition and they want you back as a returning customer

Q. Would you say your car leasing calculators were unique?

Yes we would. We feel It’s not about doing the “cheapest deal” its about giving you choice. So we have to give you the right information so you can make that choice. This is what makes us unique.

Q. Can I use the figures in the calculator as accurate?

They are not far off, they are updated once a month, but as they say a month is a long time in politics, so always call us to check

Q. Why should I deal with you, what else do you have to offer me?

This could take a long time to answer, or it could be very short and simple. Honesty, reliability, and the promise to own the problem. We look forward to building our relationship.

Thanks for your time……..


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