Personal Car Leasing FAQ

Q. What is a personal car lease?

A Personal Car Lease is an an arrangement where for a regular monthly payment you have the complete and total use of a car as though you owned it. A personal lease is for a predetermined time and with an agreed mileage allowance. For example you would lease a car for 3 years and during that time you would be entitled to drive it for an agreed mileage limit of say 12,000 miles a year, making 36,000 miles in total over the 3 years At the end of the 3 years you would simply give the car back.

Q. How long can I lease a car for, and how many miles can I do?

You can lease a car for 24 to 60 months, the maximum total mileage you can have is 120,000 miles for a petrol car 150,000 miles for a diesel one.

Q. Are the cars new?

Yes all the cars we supply are brand new

Q. Where do they come from?

All our cars are supplied and delivered by approved franchised garages

Q. What choices do I have?

You can lease any car you like

Q. Can I have any extras on it?

Yes you can have whatever you like, please ask us for specific pricing.

Q. Do they come with a warranty?

Yes all cars come with the manufacturers guarantee / warranty

Q. What about maintenance and servicing costs?

You can add a maintenance package to your lease, that will cover everything necessary to keep you mobile and to comply with the manufactures warranty.

Q. Are tyres included?

Yes tyres are included in a maintenance package

Q. What about breakdown?

Yes breakdown cover is included in your maintenance package

Q. If I don’t take a maintenance package is it still warranted and will I get breakdown cover?

Yes it is still warranted but you must ensure it is serviced in line with the manufacturers recommendations. Breakdown cover varies between manufacturer so please ask us what is covered.

Q. What about road tax?

Yes all our personal car leases are taxed for the duration of your lease

Q. What about insurance?

It is your responsibility to insure the car It must be on a fully comprehensive basis

Q. Can anybody drive it?

Yes as long as they have your permission, have full comprehensive insurance, and hold the appropriate licence

Q. Do I have to pay anything before delivery, like a deposit or an advance rental?

Most leases have what is termed “3 rentals in advance” this means 3 x the monthly rental, payable before delivery. We can offer payment profiles to suit your circumstances,we can offer profiles as low as one rental in advance, it all depends on your credit score.

Q. Can I share the payments with a friend or relative?

All rentals must be from the bank account belonging to the person with whom the lease was arranged, we have no objections if you want to share the cost with a friend or relative, but the lease is always the responsibility of the individual in whose name it was written.

Q. What does mileage allowance mean?

All leases come with a fixed mileage allowance, this is agreed between us at the beginning of the lease, the higher the mileage allowance the higher the monthly rental, to allow for the the increase in the vehicle depreciation.

Q. Can I change my mileage allowance during my lease?

Yes, you can amend your mileage allowance up or down during your lease, and your payments will be adjusted accordingly

Q. What happens if I go over my mileage allowance?

There is an excess mileage charge that is agreed between us at the beginning of the lease. This is to help cover the additional loss in value the vehicle will suffer.

Q. Do I have to pay tax on my car?

No, as the lease is in your name ( as opposed to a company lease) there is no benefit in kind car tax to pay

Q. Is there any VAT?

Yes all rentals attract VAT at the standard rate.

Q. Can I take it abroad?

Yes you can take your car abroad, you will however need a V103 travel document, and a letter of authority from the finance company we can arrange this for you.

Q. Do I have to have a job to be able to lease a car?

Not necessarily, the finance companies offer credit facilities based on your ability to repay them. They have their own methodologies to determine your ability to pay

Q. What credit checks do you do?

We do not do any credit checks, they are carried out by the finance companies, our responsibility to you and to the finance company is to ensure that you are aware of your obligations and that you are confident that you will be able to meet your financial commitments. Our responsibility to the finance companies is to ensure that the information we give them is truthful and correct

Q. When my lease comes to an end can buy it?

Sorry we are unable to sell you the car at the end of your lease as this would change your contract from a lease agreement to a purchase agreement, this in turn would create all sorts of problems with VAT and capital allowances.

Q What condition does the car have to be in when I return it?

The finance company will expect it it be in a condition commensurate with its age and mileage. Standards are set as per the guidelines produced by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) please click here for a copy

Thanks for reading our FAQ, we have tried to cover most of the questions we get asked, if we have missed something or you would like more information please call us on 01285 610003 and we will be pleased to help you

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