Going abroad this year?

How safe is your holiday destination?

If you thought that being a pedestrian or driving in this country was bad enough check out what it’s like in other countries.

In fact the problem got bad enough that it prompted the Foreign Office to start a campaign

The UK Foreign Office website states that,

“The campaign has been developed in response to Foreign Office staff based overseas reporting a high number of road traffic incidents affecting British tourists and expats in popular destinations, such as Thailand, Australia and Spain”

With that in mind we created the widget below to help you compare your holiday destination to the UK. That way we hope to give you better insight into what the roads maybe like where ever you’re going.

Safety Tips

A little research, even just 15 minutes of googling could make a difference. There are some good road safety advice sites out there.

Here’s a few links to get you started

The Foreign Offices interactive road advice map

This is a useful tool from the UK Foreign Office which provides it’s road safety advice via a interactive map. Also it might be useful to follow the UK Foreign Office’s twitter feed for up to the minute travel advice whilst you’re out of the country

The Foreign Offices interactive road advice map

Aviva’s driving abroad tips

Aviva have a nice quick overview of some of the basics you need to cover when your driving abroad

Aviva's driving abroad tips

AA’s Europe Travel Guide

And if you’re travelling in Europe this summer then you should definitely check out AA’s European Travel Guide, it’s packed with lots of tips on road safety as well as information on driving regulations in the various countries

AA European Travel Guide

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