Personal Car Leasing:

The Flexible and Affordable Way to  Get a Brand New Car

Personal Car Leasing is an incredibly flexible and affordable option and is much easier to arrange than you might think. Anyone can lease a car (subject of course to your age and a credit check), and if for any reason, you were unable to pass the finance companies credit score, you may find that a friend or relative may be able to take the lease out for you in their name and allow you to drive it.

A lease contract will not state who is entitled to drive the car, as long the driver is qualified to do so and has fully comprehensive car insurance anybody can drive it. This means that our lease cars can be shared between drivers, making it a very cost­ effective solution for the whole family.

Leasing is the affordable way to get a brand new car. Tax is included in your monthly payment and your new car will not need an MOT in the first three years. For a little bit extra each month, you can opt for a service and maintenance plan. This is a great way to spread the cost of servicing and maintenance work, so you won’t have to find the money all in one go. This makes budget planning straightforward and stress­free. You can lease a car from us from as little as £145 per month, inclusive of VAT. On our website, we have handy comparison graphs which will show you the expected monthly maintenance and fuel costs for different vehicles. This allows you to plan ahead and opt for a car that you know you will comfortably be able to afford to run.

If you have a child, or grandchild, due to start university this coming September then car leasing may be the perfect option. If you are able to take the lease out for them. they will not need to pass a credit check, which makes financing a car a whole lot easier. It can be stressful when you are worrying about the safety of a young driver on the motorway. When they are driving a brand new car, you will have peace of mind that they are safe on long journeys to and from university.

Many people think that a new car is out of their reach, in terms of affordability. However, car leasing is a flexible, affordable and easy way to have a brand new car every few years. You have the option of between two and four year contracts, for which prices will vary according to your required mileage. If you would like to find out more about car leasing, then contact Avail to speak to one of our friendly team.

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