Super Mini Selection

Britain has a love affair with the Supermini; the Ford Fiesta regularly bags the top spot as Britain’s best selling car, with the Vauxhall Corsa, VW Polo and Mini all also in the 2015 top 10 best selling cars list. What makes this class so exciting? Cheeky styling, clever use of space and fantastic fuel economy, of course!

These cars are perfect for driving about town; agile and easy to park whilst being capable enough to handle motorway journeys when required. For anyone that that doesn’t commute daily or have a large family, these cars are more than sufficient. In fact, they’re a very clever choice indeed! Ideal for University students, small families and those looking for a daily runabout. Check our Supermini selection and see how affordable a shiny new car could be.

Step 1 : Interactive Birds Eye View

Use our interactive charts below to see with just a glance how the vehicles compare against each other across monthly rental, fuel costs tax costs and whole of life score.

Select as many or as few cars as you wish using the checkboxes below the charts.

Fuel Costs p/yr

Step 2 : Detailed View

Use the charts below to see a detailed view of the smaller charts to get a feel for the figures involved.

Rental Prices exclude VAT and are based on a month k mileage non maintained contract.

The Whole of Life Cost is a combination of the total rental, fuel, company car tax and maintenance over the course of the contract assuming a month k mile contract with a company car tax rate of 20%

Annual Fuel Cost based on a k per year mileage.

Annual Company Car Tax based off 20% benefit in kind tax rate.

Value for Money Score is based on the whole of life cost compared to the RRP of the vehicle the higher the score the better value

Step 3 : What next?

If you saw something of interest here then contact us or phone 01285 610003.

If nothing took your fancy we have over 9000 car leasing deals here, there's bound to be one there which fits you like a glove.

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